Yesteryear 2020 – One Last Look

This article will be the final entry for La Vue Atypique in 2020, a year that many people around the world are looking forward to not (or never) looking back … Read More

11 Years of TIA!

December 1, 2020 is, unbelievably, the 11th anniversary of TIA International Photography. This was the day that the City of Seattle registered TIA as a licensed sole proprietorship in the … Read More

Keep a Keen Photographic Eye for Overcast & Stormy Skies

Why are people adverse to capturing images when the weather is not ideal or agreeable? This is the precise time to engage in photography!

What’s with All the Cityscapes Anyway? (TIA Origin Story)

After 10 years in business, TIA reveals in this thoughtful retrospective how it came into existence with an interminable objective to deliver atypical and indelible photographs of our world’s cities.

The City that Rises in the Meadows of the Desert

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is probably one of the most fascinating, spectacular, hyper, and quizzical cities in the world. “Las Vegas” actually means “The Meadows” or “Fertile … Read More

Dancing in Seattle in the Summer Rain (Factoid #7)

SEATTLE FACTOID #7 So far, in July 2019, Seattle has had a relatively healthy amount of rainfall interspersing the warm sunshine, much to the consternation of so many residents — … Read More

For the Love of Calgary

Let’s talk about Calgary for a few minutes! Calgary’s nickname is “Cowtown” because it has a history associated with the Canadian “Wild West” of the late 19th and early 20th … Read More

The Frustrated Photographer and Forgetful Pilot

I have an episode in aerial photography that was so peculiar that I felt it deserved to be described with readers. Prepare a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa – whatever … Read More

Meet Me at the Muddy Confluence

Where the River Gombak meets the River Klang — that’s where you’ll find Kuala Lumpur (KL), which is Malay for, literally, “Muddy Confluence”. As an enthusiast of etymology — especially … Read More

Where the Cranes Reign (Factoid #6)

SEATTLE FACTOID #6 Seattle has erected more cranes for construction than any other city in the United States for three consecutive years since 2016. The downtown core of Seattle continues … Read More

The City of a Saint & Good Herbs

Today, you might be familiar with this city by a few of its popular nicknames, including: San Fran Frisco City by the Bay SF Fog City Of course, we all … Read More

The Photographer, The Police Officer & The Politics

If you’ve been a resident of Seattle for a few years, then you’re probably very familiar with how much the city has evolved between your earliest memory and most recent … Read More

The Tallest Tower for Roughly 421,000 Hours (Factoid #4)

SEATTLE FACTOID #4 When it was erected in 1914, Seattle‘s Smith Tower was the tallest building along the West Coast of the United States. Smith Tower would remain the tallest … Read More

Deciphering the Significance of “Singapore”

The City The name “Singapore” was adapted by the British from its original Malay name, “Singapura”, which means “Lion City”. I had often read books and magazines about the great … Read More

Our City of Shikaakwa Today

Established 184 years ago, the city named “Chicago” is derived from a French rendering of the Native American word shikaakwa, translated as “wild onion” or “wild garlic”, from the Miami-Illinois language. … Read More

Madame Mayor 1926 (Factoid #2)

SEATTLE FACTOID #2 Seattle was the first major U.S. city to elect a female mayor, Bertha Landes, back in 1926. 91 years would pass before Seattle would elect its second … Read More

Seattle, The One & The Only (Factoid #1)

SEATTLE FACTOID #1 There is only one “Seattle” on the planet. No other city or town in the world shares its name. Click here to view more original TIA images … Read More

What is TIA International Photography Anyway?

If it was previously unclear what TIA’s services were and how we can provide photography for your business needs and projects, this entertaining video demystifies any uncertainties or misconceptions! LOCATION … Read More

A (Somewhat) Comedic Conflict of Cultures above Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur. Christmas Eve. Horrendously hot. Morosely muggy. Extremely engrossing and exciting. During my time in KL*, I remember carrying a handkerchief in my pocket to serve two purposes: either … Read More

Timelapsin’ 2009 to 2014

After plenty of research and a few experiments, I have put together my first “real” time-lapse video. I recently purchased a wireless intervalometer and have been experimenting with some time-lapse … Read More

Feature Photographer Interview: Richard Heersmink

Greetings everyone! After a long hiatus, TIA International Photography is excited to recommence the Feature Photographer interview series with Richard Heersmink, a remarkable photographer currently based in my favorite city for photography … Read More

The City & The Music Video, Part I

By now, I hope I have established that I’m thoroughly enamored with our world’s biggest (and not so big) metropolises.  I am crazy about them.  Cities are like people.  They … Read More

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