Yesteryear 2020 – One Last Look

This article will be the final entry for La Vue Atypique in 2020, a year that many people around the world are looking forward to not (or never) looking back at ever again. There is little need or desire to recite the multiple reasons for 2020’s universally accepted moratorium as the world continues, presently, to collectively encounter similar or endemic, problematic experiences from country to country, continent to continent.

A breathing mask featuring the name, website, and phone number of TIA International Photography as a means of marketing during the pandemic.
Experimenting with a subtle means of marketing a small photography business during the pandemic. We’ll see if it works in 2021. (December 30, 2020).

Initially, I wasn’t entirely sure what to feature in this final blog entry to conclude this onerous year. After giving the matter some prolonged thought, I have decided to share a few of the very first images I captured in 2020, previous to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Subsequently, I have shared some of the most recent images I captured to close the year that was 2020.

Additionally, I have also included my annual end-of-year retrospective photography video which encapsulates a small percentage of my best work from this year. Admittedly, this self-assigned project becomes more and more challenging each year as I grow more confident in the content and quality of the images captured and incorporated within my inventory. 2020 was a unique challenge given the multiple events and crises that occurred simultaneously in America and many nations around the world. Because I could not feature all the images that I would have loved to include (which would make the video close to five minutes long!), I decided to feature my personal favorite images from the citywide quarantine period in Seattle during March and April, as well as the Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle in June, just a few days after George Floyd was asphyxiated by a police office in Minneapolis. The remaining set of photographs in the video is a painfully curated set of images of Seattle cityscapes and urban landscapes, many of which had to be excluded due to the critical events of the year, and rightfully so, in retrospect.

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you a healthy, prosperous, humane, civil, less chaotic and less cantankerous new year in 2021. Thanks for all the support and encouragement for my photography. They were definitely needed and appreciated this year, which was also the 11th year of TIA as a small photography business. I am eternally grateful for this longevity in doing what I love most in life.

Here are the first few images of the year that I captured in January 2020. Please click on any image for an enlarged view with caption.

In contrast, below are the images that I captured during the last two weeks of 2020. One interesting — and unpremeditated — coincidence is that there is an image of the Space Needle and Thomas Street from similar angles in both sets. Please click on any image for an enlarged view with caption.

Finally, here is the “TIA in 2020” year in review retrospective video. It’s two minutes long. Unlike previous photography retrospectives, 2020’s video is presented in the style of a news feature instead of my usual end-of-year photo slideshow. Enjoy.

TIA International Photography – 2020 Retrospective

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  1. Happy New Year, Tosin! Fabulous photography as always! 11 years of TIA International Photography already! Kudos!

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