Quarantined City: Seattle Life Offset by the Coronavirus (Part I)

If you’re reading this article, you are probably fully aware of the ongoing global health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). What commenced as a rash of respiratory illnesses in Wuhan, China back in November 2019 has now gripped the entire world in March 2020.

In late January, Kirkland, Washington, a suburb east of Seattle, was the first city in the United States to report several cases of the virus among its residents. By extension, this made the metropolitan Seattle region the original epicenter of the virus in America.

Since that time, many cities in the States and around the world have essentially shut down to prevent and contain the spread of the virus, which has no known cure or vaccine. Here in Seattle, thousands of people have placed themselves under quarantine in their homes by recommendation of state and local government officials as well as leaders of private corporations. Schools and universities have closed. At the time of this article, it is still uncertain for how long Seattle residents will remain under quarantine.

During the first weekend of Spring (March 21st and 22nd), I took a few hours to venture out into the city on my bicycle to explore the Emerald City and document my observations with my camera (an activity I engage in frequently). A few other photos were captured during an evening drive through West Seattle. Given the unprecedented situation that several cities and nations around the world are experiencing simultaneously, I felt it would be important to capture Seattle in its quarantined state.

This is Part I of my photo essay that features different neighborhoods and landmarks of Seattle, notably areas that are typically very busy and filled with the hustle and bustle of people and vehicles before the populace was fully informed of the disease’s incredibly rapid and lethal contagiousness from person to person. If you’re a native of Seattle, you may readily recognize these areas and appreciate the impact that the citywide quarantine has made.

TIA hopes all of you are healthy, safe, and well during this extremely difficult and surreal time in our collective history as human beings. Please continue to abide by the guidance of public health officials in your respective locations around the world.

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  1. You captured some powerful scenes and though I am not personally familiar with those locations, just looking at them, they appear to be places that would definitely be full of life. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe!

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