“My Park Moment” Photo Exhibit

The “My Park Moment” photography contest turned out to be one of the most atypical and memorable competitions TIA has ever entered. Find out why!

Our Beautiful Earth

In observance of Earth Day this year, please enjoy this short video compilation of natural landscapes and animals from my inventory over the years. Contrary to what one might believe, I do enjoy capturing natural landscapes when I have the opportunity. Additionally, I believe that if I did not pursue cityscapes and low-light scenes as…

State of the Rhythm Nation 30 Years Later

“Rhythm Nation 1814” was released when the world was in a political state of revolution and evolution. This article examines the legacy and personal impact of Janet Jackson’s remarkable fourth studio album.

What is TIA International Photography Anyway?

If it was previously unclear what TIA’s services were and how we can provide photography for your business needs and projects, this entertaining video demystifies any uncertainties or misconceptions! LOCATION TIA International Photography is headquartered in the industrious city of Seattle, Washington, in the United States, where inspirational and captivating images are abundant. FOCUS TIA’s…

Steal the Deal!

December 1st is TIA International Photography’s 4th Anniversary, and we’re encouraging you to STEAL THE DEAL this December!

An Intro to Night Photography

Starbucks Coffee Company recently invited me to make a presentation about night photography for its internal photography club. It was a terrific event for which I had nearly a month to prepare. I was never nervous once until a few seconds after the presentation started on April 9th. A bout of apprehensiveness struck me, which…