Yesteryear 2020 – One Last Look

This article will be the final entry for La Vue Atypique in 2020, a year that many people around the world are looking forward to not (or never) looking back … Read More

Seattle’s New Year’s 2020 Celebration Is Already Notorious

Many people have inquired how I was able to achieve a photograph of one firecracker emanating from the Space Needle when we all know the show was canceled. Here’s how!

Seattle’s “Fog Affair”, The Sequel

In January and February 2013, Seattle experienced some major low-lying fog for several consecutive days. When the fog descended upon Seattle, it literally transformed the city into something rather exotic … Read More

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2013

TIA International Photography would like to extend its warmest wishes of Joy, Happiness, Success, Prosperity, and Good Health to you and your families in the New Year. I’m going to … Read More

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