A Needle Like No Other (Factoid #5)


When the Smith Tower was erected in 1914, it remained the tallest building not only in Seattle or Washington State, but on the entire West Coast of the United States! In 1962, the record was broken by yet another structure in Seattle, one that has become world renowned and probably the most symbolic of the Emerald City.

The Space Needle!

Space Needle, Seattle Center & Downtown Seattle
Space Needle, The Enigma in the Skies
Belltown District, Space Needle & Lake Union
Space Needle & Elliott Bay @ Sunrise

The Space Needle would only hold its record as tallest building in Seattle for seven years, as it was eventually usurped by the Seafirst Building (now the SAFECO Building) in 1969. Nevertheless, today in 2019, it is (not really) arguable which edifice is the more indelible in Seattle’s skyline!

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