Seattle Welcomes the Year 2023

Please enjoy a timelapse video of the 2023 New Year’s fireworks display from the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, USA. This was the city’s first “in-person” display for New Year’s since 2019. Unusually high winds upended and canceled the show in 2020. For the next two years, the covid pandemic precluded large gatherings of people from convening to watch the display from Seattle Center, where the Space Needle is located.

Nevertheless, Seattle made up for the lost years in 2023. This year’s display was much more creative and dynamic than previous shows because hundreds of drones were incorporated to create entertaining, digital imagery through lights alongside the pyrotechnics. It was very reminiscent of laser light shows with the exception that drones were flying through the skies above the city to produce the imagery on open air instead of on the facades of buildings.

TIA wishes all of you a most prosperous, successful, and very healthy new year!

Below, I’ll conclude with sharing a brief photography retrospective of last year. It features images of Seattle, Minneapolis, and Boise, Idaho. I truly hope there will be an opportunity to add some more international cities to my portfolio in 2023.

The last new international city was Accra…back in 2017. 😵 I’ve postponed my travel plans for so long that I actually need to renew my passport before I think of visiting any country other than Canada and Mexico!

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