Happy New Veer

2022 will be a year for TIA to change course, both personally and professionally.

“This State of Independence Shall Be…”

July 4th of this year commemorates the United States’ 243rd birthday — its Day of Independence from the United Kingdom. For the past nine years, I have challenged myself to literally conduct my own scavenger hunt around Seattle to find a new vantage from which to photograph the annual fireworks at Lake Union near Gas…

Legacy of a King

The United States has only one county in the entire nation named after Martin Luther King, Jr. Read about this significant milestone in his lasting legacy.

“State of Independence”

Hello, everyone!  I hope you have all been having an excellent summer (or winter!) in your respective parts of the planet.  I have been away for quite some time, but I plan to make the effort to be around much more frequently since I have recently detoxified and purged some long-term poisons in my professional…

Steal the Deal!

December 1st is TIA International Photography’s 4th Anniversary, and we’re encouraging you to STEAL THE DEAL this December!

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2013

TIA International Photography would like to extend its warmest wishes of Joy, Happiness, Success, Prosperity, and Good Health to you and your families in the New Year. I’m going to challenge myself to make at least three postings every month on this blog.There is little sense having the handy tool if I do not use…