London / Postmarked 14 Jun. 2011

“Postmarked” is a fictional series of love letters written in postcards mailed from different cities that I have visited in my real life. The correspondence is between two principal characters from an unfinished novel that I started to write shortly after the turn of the century. The novel covers a very turbulent time of my life in Washington, D.C. As a means of catharsis and mental relief, I created a set of characters living in D.C., two of whom eventually discover an intense, intimate, and impassioned love for each other. In this “Postmarked” series related to my novel, one character makes a point to send a postcard to the other character and cannot help but write what he truly feels regardless of who might read his words en route to the object of his affection. “Postmarked” is intended to be personal, personable, quirky, and humorous. It is my own tribute to hopeless romantics around the world. I hope you enjoy.

14 Jun. 2011

Hullo Sybithian:

I hope this postcard finds the love of my life in good spirits and brimming with your boundless optimism. I’m writing you from a cafe near the entrance of Waterloo Station as the rain rhythmically pours on Londoners scurrying to their respective destinations.  Even in the rain and misty fog, there is a magical sensation about this ancient city of Londinium that we’ve all read about in books during our childhood.

Sybi, even though your beautiful heart has an unwavering affinity for Amsterdam, I know from our previous, intimate conversations that you have an eye that lingers towards London, and I can completely understand your reasons. It’s such a romantic city that I’ve resolved that I might be partially mental to be roaming the streets without you. Though I love photography and travel, neither could ever exceed nor supplant my love and insatiable passion for you on any given day…or night.

Oh!  I succeeded in ascending the 528 steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral yesterday. I suspect the reward of the spectacular 360-degree view of the capital from the dome confiscated my breath much more than the half-hour hike through the centuries-old landmark.  Had you been with me, I would have been all too happy to carry you. (I wonder if St. Paul would frown upon this or take delight…hopefully the latter).

This postcard, however, features another timeless landmark. This is deliberate because I’m determined for us to spend a New Year’s Eve here. Why? I fantasize about a moment in my life in which you would be the last person I see to close the old year and the first person I see to commence the new year.  With a midnight intermission (courtesy of Big Ben), we could canoodle softly within the warm confines of my woolly trench coat.  What do you say?  Is it a date?  If yes, I can hardly wait.  Alas, my train will depart soon, so I will post this now.

See you in July, my love.

Yours forever,


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