“Capital” vs. “Capitol”: The Difference

On the sixth day of 2021, a previously inconceivable abomination occurred in Washington, D.C. A conspired insurrection and coordinated siege of the United States Capitol building by a right-wing mob … Read More

Satirical Tales of a Moody Photographer (S.T.O.M.P.): Chapter 1

“S.T.O.M.P.” is a new series for La Vue Atypique which essentially shares anecdotes from my career as a professional photographer. Aside from my family and a few close friends, questions … Read More

TIA’s Adventures in “Photocycling” / Chapter Four (The Fall Edition)

TIA takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey through Seattle during the autumn season in which you can admire and enjoy the multiple colors — especially yellow — of the season. An entertaining timelapse video also awaits your viewing!

TIA’s Adventures in “Photocycling” / Chapter Three

In this chapter, TIA delves into a combination of travel and street photography, thus sharing many images featuring everyday people in and around Seattle.

TIA’s Adventures in “Photocycling” / Chapter One

“Photocycling” is the art of capturing images of different subject matters while cycling.

Seattle, The One & The Only (Factoid #1)

SEATTLE FACTOID #1 There is only one “Seattle” on the planet. No other city or town in the world shares its name. Click here to view more original TIA images … Read More

What is TIA International Photography Anyway?

If it was previously unclear what TIA’s services were and how we can provide photography for your business needs and projects, this entertaining video demystifies any uncertainties or misconceptions! LOCATION … Read More

Timelapsin’ 2009 to 2014

After plenty of research and a few experiments, I have put together my first “real” time-lapse video. I recently purchased a wireless intervalometer and have been experimenting with some time-lapse … Read More

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2013

TIA International Photography would like to extend its warmest wishes of Joy, Happiness, Success, Prosperity, and Good Health to you and your families in the New Year. I’m going to … Read More

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