Short Films Matter Reviews TIA’s “All Hallows Eve in the Emerald City”

Recently, TIA was contacted by an organization called Short Films Matter (SFM) to request writing a review featuring my timelapse compilation video entitled “All Hallows Eve in the Emerald City”. This is a video that I created in the spirit of Halloween in Seattle last year.

Forever the skeptic, I didn’t take the request seriously because I receive so many bogus requests regarding my work on a daily basis via email. However, when the same individual from the same organization contacted me with a friendly reminder that he would like Short Films Matter to write an official review regarding my timelapse video, I took more careful consideration.

Since one of my objectives is to market my work in as many atypical and unconventional ways as possible, while avoiding the usual social media traps — (Excuse me. I meant to say social media “platforms”.) — I figured that I would give SFM’s offer a try.

In retrospect, SFM’s review was unexpectedly flattering and candid. (Yes, I am a biased party in this assessment). My hope is that my work, via this review, will reach the eyes of several different people, specifically those who enjoy short films of all genres.

You can either read the review on their website, or read it below. Needless to say, this gives me some extra inspiration to continue executing timelapse photography in Seattle and other destinations.

Many thanks to Short Films Matter for its genuine interest to review my creative work.

“A eerie time-lapse film of Seattle, Washington.”

3 stars/5 stars

Tosin I. Arasi’s 2-minute experimental film is a mesmerizing showcase of time-lapse cinematography that captures the essence of Seattle in all its bustle. The film is a work of art in every sense of the word, highlighting the city’s seaport and transport capability, a glimpse into mundane Seattle life. The haunting carnival-like score provides a perfect accompaniment to the stunning visuals, transporting the viewer into a dream-like state.

Arasi’s use of jumpy transitions and effects expertly captures the energy and movement of the city, making it feel alive even as everything is speeding up around us. The storm sequences are particularly eerie, an almost perfect melding of the natural and urban world.

But what truly sets this film apart is Arasi’s photographic skills – he has an extraordinary eye for capturing beauty and energy in even the most mundane of scenes. Each frame is a work of art in itself, and together they create an immersive sensory experience that captures the heart and soul of Seattle.

Overall, Tosin I. Arasi’s experimental short film is a brilliant exploration of Seattle’s charms and a stunning showcase of the director’s talent. This film should be applauded for its vision, creativity and execution – a must-watch for anyone who loves beautiful cinematography and wants to experience the magic of Seattle.

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  1. What a wonderful review of your short film! All accolades are well deserved! It’s nice to see your photographic skills as well as your video editing, direction, and production skills get recognized. Many kudos to you!

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