Adieu Été, Sayonara Summer

Another sumptuous summer in Seattle has concluded.
Another sumptuous summer in Seattle has concluded.  Seahurst Park, Burien, Washington.

I have lived in Seattle for seven and a half years, and it feels like each summer season is better than the previous.  It’s a city where it never gets too humid, there’s plenty of sunshine, and the grey skies that seem to threaten rain do not last very long.  Spending time outside and enjoying the city where I live has made me feel grateful for what and who I have in my life.   I’m not unhappy to see summer take its leave once again.  Rather, I look forward to autumn and the new opportunities that may come with the new season.

The image above is TIA’s Photo of the Day for September 22nd from my personal photography venture, Project “2014 : 365”. It’s only when I capture images like these that I notice how extremely long my limbs are. Since I was a teenager, I could always touch my knees without bending. 

This photo was captured in one of my favorite spots — Seahurst Park in Burien, south of Seattle. Very serene, secluded, and romantic. People in Seattle often don’t come here because it’s not within city limits. They are missing out on something incredibly special.

Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn or Spring depending on your location and hemisphere!

For more images of Seattle at sunset, click here!

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  1. You never end learning in life. For some reasons, probably just things I heard from people in the past, I thought Seattle, Vancouver, and generally that area on the north-west US coast and nearby Canada was kind of rainy and bad weather. It’s interesting to see how different it is, or it can be, from that perception.

    While I am at it, I have been in London for 16 years. However, even before that 1998 day when I moved here, I used to visit relatives and friends in London once or twice a year. I remember myself saying to my girlfriend in 1993 during a trip to London, that if I ever had to move abroad from Milan (Italy) I would go to Paris and never to London. Alas, I haven’t been sticking to my word.

    Part of the distance between London and my heart was the bad weather, which I have to say was as bad as my expectations for many years – until the ultimate bad summer 2012. Londoners reading this paragraph may be wondering what summer 2012 am I talking about, may I be referring to that one week of good weather we had? Probably not as that was in March, which is spring rather than summer.

    But things have changed in the last two years and we had beautiful summers in London – and I mean really beautiful even for someone who spent a big chunk of his life on the Mediterranean. Next stop London Beach 🙂

    1. Greetings, Raul. Thank you for providing this comment and perspective. You’re definitely not the only one who is under the impression that the Pacific Northwest of the US (which, informally, includes Vancouver, BC — they don’t mind the inclusivity!) is constantly grey with rain year round. Truth be told, we do spend a significant part of the year under steely, grey, rainy skies, but it’s not torrential. It’s mostly drizzle, like a humidifier that never stops operating.

      Between November and June — with a few breaks of glorious, well-received sunlight — the Pacific Northwest is reminiscent of Aberdeen, Scotland, sans all the stony grey buildings. (I have never seen the color grey in all its glory as I did in Aberdeen — wow!)! Furthermore, I also believe it’s just a humorous and ironic stereotype that people in this area project to others. The cities in the US East Coast (NYC, Boston, Philly, DC) get more inches of precipitation each year than Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver.

      Congratulations on 16 years in London, my friend. Perhaps it is now “home”? I did not know you were so fond of Italy, but it makes sense, as it’s the one country every person I know has told me to take my photography. Seattle, as much as I have enjoyed living here, is still not quite home, but rather, my “home base”. I like to fly out to different cities and always have Seattle to come back to, decompress, meditate and contemplate, and head out again.

      When you mentioned London Beach, I thought you were joking! I looked it up on Google, and I had no idea a beach has been created on the banks of the Thames in the general Canary Wharf / Docklands area. London never stops progressing.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great remainder of the week!

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