An Impromptu Excursion to Easton in Autumn

On the morning of Halloween this year, I woke up early to obtain some blue hour images of the Seattle skyline before sunrise. There were two locations I visited that morning. These images were intended for a long-term photography project I’ve been planning for several years.

In this instance, I had reason to be motivated to wake up early and get going. This reason was the fact that the weekend of October 30th and 31st was literally the only time that Seattle would have two consecutive days of uninterrupted sunshine in an autumn season that has seen several days of perpetual, dreary rainfall. In other words, if I didn’t take the opportunity to do some photography under these conditions, it was very unlikely that I would be able to take advantage of them for the foreseeable future. If you don’t believe me, check out Seattle’s forecast for the first two weeks of November!

Because I was inspired by the very welcome lapse in rainy weather, I decided to do something spontaneous, which is atypical for me as I like to plan my activities — such as road trips — several days, weeks, or months in advance. I made a decision to drive an hour southeast of Seattle to a small town named Easton. It has a very picturesque, rural countryside that I had visited many years previously during autumn. I thought it would be ideal to obtain some autumn colors with my camera gear once I arrived there. I visited two locations: Lake Easton State Park and Easton Ponds.

Easton is a town located 70 miles (113 km) southeast of Seattle.
Easton is a town located 70 miles (113 km) southeast of Seattle.

This blog article features the fall foliage that I captured at Easton Ponds. My spontaneous determination yielded some pleasant results. I hope you enjoy them.

On a side (and admittedly, humorous) note, my spontaneity did generate one mishap that I had not anticipated during my seven-hour, impromptu excursion to Easton. I forgot to wear a belt. Since my original plan was just to get some blue hour photos and go home after sunrise, I didn’t think I would be outdoors for long. As it turns out, my commitment to cycling almost every day for the past 18 months has produced several beneficial returns, including losing several pounds off my frame. As a result, it’s typically imperative that I wear a belt whenever I don a pair of jeans or cargo pants. When I don’t, it’s not unusual for my jeans to slip a few inches below my waistline. This particular situation made for some comical high-jinks while carrying my camera gear around Easton. Enjoy some pictorial illustrations below.

See you next time!

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  1. Such beautiful photos! And I was not expecting the humourless conclusion! Lol! Love it! Maybe I should start biking!

    1. Thank you, KD! Thanks for always sharing my articles as well. Yes, I thought I would add the “pants-dropping” finale in for some giggles. 😄😄😄 Cycling is a lot of fun! I independently fixed a flat bike tire for the first time in ages. Very proud of this feat!

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