Meet Me at the Muddy Confluence

Where the River Gombak meets the River Klang — that’s where you’ll find Kuala Lumpur (KL), which is Malay for, literally, “Muddy Confluence”. As an enthusiast of etymology — especially regarding the names of our world’s cities — I find the meaning of “Kuala Lumpur” to be one of the most fascinating. KL is a gigantic city which started off as a small mining town for tin, situated at the meeting point of two rivers.

Kuala Lumpur Metropolis as viewed from the pinnacle of KL Tower.
This image was taken on my first night in KL, and what a stunning scene it was!
These are the precise moments that I live for as a cityscape photographer. /

In the image above, enjoy a view of the Malaysian capital from the top of Menara KL (“KL Tower”), where tripods are allowed! If you’re willing to pay a few more ringgit (the local currency) upon admission, you can ascend to the outdoor observation deck that used to be exclusively reserved for those who engaged in bungee jumping from the tower. (Yikes!!!) Security guards were stationed along the outdoor deck, which was very sensible given how easy it appeared to climb over the glass boundaries in spite of their height.

“Kuala Lumpur”, translated from Malay to English, literally means “Muddy Confluence”.
The Petronas Towers: The Majesty of Malaysia / Purchase

Above, feast your eyes on an imposing view of the Petronas Towers, hovering above all its neighboring skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

To date, Petronas remains the tallest twin towers in the world, and is one of the key attractions for tourists and visitors worldwide. Try your best to book your tickets online in advance, as it’s not unusual for tickets to completely sell out on most days.

A view from one of the twin towers of Petronas. To the right, you can see the white column of KL Tower. / Purchase

As you can imagine, the time slot for visits around sunset is almost always fully booked. I tried to purchase tickets two weeks in advance, and the sunset times were still unavailable — so definitely plan well in advance. Even if you do not manage to attain tickets for sunset, still make the visit. Both the Skybridge and the Observation Deck are worth the experience.

No tripods can be used at Petronas, but they are welcome without hesitation @ KL Tower (Menara KL) which, arguably, has the better view of the city.

“Lavender Dawn” @ Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park / Purchase

If you would be interested in learning about a very peculiar, cultural misunderstanding I had with my pilot while performing some aerial photography in mid-air above the massive Malaysian metropolis, please click here!

Aerial photograph of the Petronas Towers / Purchase

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