Just Pride, No Prejudice

Seattle PrideFest Emblem

Enjoy some colorful, festive photos from Seattle’s PrideFest that took place at Seattle Center on June 30, 2019. Out of the several photos I captured, these six were my favorites in the collection.

This particular image was my favorite moment during the event.
This lovely woman was just quietly observing the festivities and the humanity, all at play.
All the PRIDE flags were already placed, but I happened to capture a serendipitous moment in which it appeared we had a warrior who was about to lead a PRIDE brigade.
These two individuals, both draped with flowing PRIDE flags on their backs,
reminded me of two makeshift superheroes thoughtfully surveying the event.
In my 12 years of living in Seattle, I don’t think I have ever seen
Seattle Center so packed with people!
This is a landscape version of the first photo, just to display the sheer masses of people.
The Space Needle always dons the PRIDE flag at its pinnacle each year.
PRIDE Month may have concluded, but PRIDE is forever.

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