The Skyline of Saint James

“San Diego” is Spanish for “Saint James”

San Diego‘s skyline is very expansive. In the image above, this is only a small part of it captured from Harbor Island. The majority of the buildings are the same height, and not as tall as those seen in Los Angeles or San Francisco, whose urban cores developed more rapidly between the 1970s and 1990s. As a result, such urban planning and zoning for the buildings’ heights make the city less susceptible — but not less vulnerable — to damages from major earthquakes.

Not widely known to many is the fact that, in population, San Diego is actually California’s second largest city, and the eighth largest in the USA.

California’s largest cities in population, in order, are:

Translated, “San Diego” is Spanish for “Saint James.”

Some more trivia for you:

In the image above, you can see an aerial view of the southernmost edge of San Diego’s Point Loma. This is also the southwesternmost point of the continental United States.

Point Loma is situated at the physical confluence of San Diego Bay (to the right and backgound) and the Pacific Ocean (foreground). Most of Point Loma serves as a residence of the U.S. Army & Navy. The lighthouse is at the extreme edge on the bluffs. (From this perspective, it literally looks like it’s about to slip away into the Pacific)!

Furthermore, Point Loma is a very popular spot for visitors and residents alike to engage in whale watching. One can also appreciate breathtaking and riveting views of San Diego from Cabrillo National Monument, located on the opposite site of these bluffs.

Personally, I think Point Loma is one of the most beautiful locations in California.

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