A Bittersweet Memory of Miami

A retrospective regarding the discovery of a sudden death and the unexpected opportunity of directing air control traffic over a major American city.

It Was an Earthquake, Not an Emergency.

The image above was one of the very romantic and memorable views of San Diego from my hotel captured on my last night in the city. Due to the fact that it was also my birthday, the events that took place that day will be forever unforgettable in my memory. Why? It’s because this scene…

The Skyline of Saint James

San Diego‘s skyline is very expansive. In the image above, this is only a small part of it captured from Harbor Island. The majority of the buildings are the same height, and not as tall as those seen in Los Angeles or San Francisco, whose urban cores developed more rapidly between the 1970s and 1990s….

A View to a Thrill

I thought I would pay a small tribute to what I believe to be the most beautiful city in the United States — San Francisco, California.  Ever since I was a boy in grade school, I had seen photos of this magnificent city whose two bridges were as iconic in their own rights as the…