A View to a Thrill

The Golden Gate Bridge from Above

I thought I would pay a small tribute to what I believe to be the most beautiful city in the United States — San Francisco, California.  Ever since I was a boy in grade school, I had seen photos of this magnificent city whose two bridges were as iconic in their own rights as the City is itself. This image was photographed during my first seaplane tour from Sausalito in April 2008.  As I was traveling on my own, I got to sit in the co-pilot seat next to Al, one of the friendliest pilots I had ever met, and a proud native of his city.  For the next half hour, as Al flew me and a couple from France above the City by the Bay, narrating all the popular sites and landmarks, I was temporarily transformed into that small boy again, happy, joyous, and amazed by the dazzling vistas of San Francisco. It was even better than the photos in the books, magazines, and encyclopedias. That was one of the best rides of my life.

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