Can’t Get New York Out of My Head

Hi everyone!  Please enjoy my latest photo video showcase, featuring the mega-metropolis known as New York City.  This is my first full-length photo video since last year’s “Paris X.X.L.”!  In … Read More

Feature Photographer Interview: Toby Harriman

Ladies and Gentlemen, after being on hiatus for almost four months, TIA International Photography is very pleased to continue the Feature Photographer series! We are going to resume the interview … Read More

“Conversations with Skeletons”

TIA International Photography would like to take a moment to share a promo video from a very good friend, Canadian author Kirk DeMatas, regarding the upcoming published release of his 2nd compilation of profound poetry, “Conversations with Skeletons.”
TIA traveled on assignment to Toronto last September to conduct the photo shoot with Kirk and mutual friends. You will see a sample of some of that photography here. (These images are quite different from what you’re used to seeing, which makes Kirk’s project all that more intriguing)!

Kirk’s book will premiere this fall! Stayed tuned for more information!

Feature Photographer Interview: Viviana Singh

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Viviana Singh (or Vivi, as I and many of her friends call her).  I am very enthusiastic to … Read More

Feature Photographer Interview: Joshua Gunther

Ladies and Gentlemen, it brings me a lot of pleasure to introduce you to Joshua Gunther, a very talented photographer who has the keen ability to produce electrifying cityscape images. … Read More

“Bittersweet Memories. . .”

I would just like to take a moment to honor and remember one of my favorite singers of all-time, Whitney Houston, who mysteriously passed away on February 11th.  I was … Read More

Feature Photographer Interview: Steve Rosset

Ladies and gentlemen from all realms of travel and photography, it is my genuine pleasure to introduce you to Steve Rosset, a world traveler whose characteristic photographs are always riveting … Read More

High (Dynamic Range) on Houston

Enjoy a photo of Houston, captured on a taxi ride on an early August morning in 2010.  Since we were going at 75 miles an hour,  I had to set … Read More

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