Feature Photographer Interview: Joshua Gunther

Joshua Gunther

Ladies and Gentlemen, it brings me a lot of pleasure to introduce you to Joshua Gunther, a very talented photographer who has the keen ability to produce electrifying cityscape images.  I have been a fan of Josh’s work for a number of years, and I had the opportunity to meet him in Los Angeles in November 2011.  Aside from being a masterful photographer, Josh is also a very humble and down-to-earth individual who made a very lasting impression on me during my visit.  (You can read about that particular story here). Two days after I arrived in the City of Angels, I remember receiving a voice mail from Josh, welcoming me to his city.  His tone was very friendly, hospitable, and enthusiastic.  As I recall that message, I smile because he wanted to say my name in greeting, but hesitated because he did not want to mispronounce it.  (It’s pronounced “toe-sin”, just for the sake of information).  We can, therefore, add “considerate” to the list of adjectives I previously used to describe Josh’s personality.

Before we dive into this feature interview, please allow me  to emphasize one point.  In my experience, being able to make and produce dazzling, eye-catching images — although a very significant aspect of what makes a fantastic photographer — skills are only a component of the whole.  Another component is the personality of the individual behind these visual masterpieces.  Once you get to see part of that personality, you gradually become more familiar with the brilliance and authenticity of the photographer, as a person.  That was my experience when I met Joshua Gunther during our mutual photo shoot of Los Angeles.


Joshua Gunther


Los Angeles, California, USA





TIA:  Hi Josh.  Please tell us what your favorite subject matter is to photograph?

Josh:  Urban Night Photography, or what I like to call “Urban Night Lights”.

TIA:  Which cities or countries have you photographed in the past that were among your favorites? 

Josh:  I absolutely love shooting in Europe.  If I had to pick my favorite location, it would probably be a toss-up between Notre Dame in Paris or the Tower Bridge in London. Both places I have spent hours in front of and still can’t seem to soak them in enough. They are both just magical and I don’t think I could take enough pictures of them.

TIA:  Where would you most love to photograph in the future?  

Josh:  In the future, I would love to visit Italy and Greece. I would also love to travel to Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. Basically, I really just want to see the world and all it has to offer. It will take some time, but hoping for at least one big trip a year if I can!

TIA:  Please take us back in time and describe how you initially discovered your passion for photography.   

Josh:  I had been working in the animation industry for about 10 years, and I was looking for another artistic outlet, other than animation, and thought photography would be a fun hobby. Little did I know how much I would truly love it. Now, I can’t get enough of running around with a camera and tripod looking for cool photos.  Photography has helped me see the world in new and exciting ways and continually keeps my creative juices flowing.  It’s actually helped me tell better stories visually on the animated films I work on. It’s been truly an amazing journey.

Check out Josh’s favorite photograph!  It is absolutely stunning!

Notre Dame Sunset
“Notre Dame Sunset”

TIA:  Alright!  Please share how you managed to produce this amazing image of Notre Dame!

Josh:  My wife Jenn and I were in Paris for our first anniversary, and I told her I really wanted to get a good shot of Notre Dame while we were there, so we planned to swing by around sunset and get some shots during “Blue Hour”! (Planning is everything, but luck helps too)!  As luck would have it, we had the most amazing sunset that night and arrived just at the right time. This photo was actually one of the very first I took that night. At first, I was disappointed we arrived early because I was hoping for a deep blue background and really wanted to wait till the lights of Notre Dame turned on. In fact, after the shoot, I processed an image from much later in the night and forgot about this, totally missing its potential until months later.  On a whim, I processed this image just to see what I could get out of it and was blown away by what was sitting on my hard drive. It is now my most favorite image and one that always reminds me to keep shooting! You never know what you are going to get!

TIA:  What are the most challenging or frustrating issues you encounter as a photographer, Josh? 

Josh:  The hardest part about photography is trying to balance the love of creating photography and the challenge of trying to financially support that love. Photography, as a hobby or career, is incredibly expensive so it’s always hard to try and get it to at least pay for itself.  (TIA agrees emphatically).

TIA:  From your experience, what are the ingredients or elements of a phenomenal photograph?

Josh:  It’s truly a combination of four things:  Planning. Time of Day. Weather, and Luck!  Most of the time, only one or two of these actually happen, but when all four come together, it’s magical!

TIA:  Is there something or someone who motivates your photography?

Josh:  My biggest motivator in photography is just the pure love of it. I do it because I love it! Creating art and running around downtown LA at night just speaks to my soul and it’s during those times that I feel most alive!

TIA:  Is there anything else you would like to add that was not discussed?

Josh:  You can’t do it alone. If it wasn’t for the faith in God, and the support and encouragement of my wife, family, and friends, I would never be where I am today. It’s because of those things that I am truly blessed to be able to do the things I have been able to do! For that, I am truly grateful!


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