Feature Photographer Interview: Viviana Singh

Viviana Singh

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Viviana Singh (or Vivi, as I and many of her friends call her).  I am very enthusiastic to present this latest interview in my Feature Photographer series because Vivi’s photography has a profound depth that’s quite challenging to describe in words.  As a result, I would highly recommend that you take some time to view her body of work in order to gain some insight to her vision. This interview, like the previous ones, is really just the prologue or briefing.  The photographer’s inventory of images is the other essential component necessary to achieve a better understanding of the photographer’s creative ingenuity.

The first words that come to mind when I see Vivi’s images on Flickr are insightful, engaging, meaningful, and extremely charming. As I said, these are only the first words that come to mind.  Vivi and I had the opportunity to meet in Seattle in early February 2012, even though we have followed each other’s work for a couple of years.  My first exchange with Vivi was shortly after my return from her enchanting, beautiful, native homeland of Argentina two years ago.  (I now wish I had known Vivi before my visit, as I would have been more knowledgeable about how and when to obtain the best images of Buenos Aires. Hopefully, there will be another chance in the future)!  Over the years, we came to learn that  we have a mutual love and attraction for each other’s city of residence. She loves Seattle as much as I adore her home city of Vancouver, a city that holds so many fond memories for my own photography.

Let’s get to know Vivi and her lovely photography better!

NAME: Viviana Singh

CITY & COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

FLICKR WEBSITE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/crazy_moon/

TIA:  Hi Vivi!  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview for TIA’s blog.  Let’s please start with discussing your favorite subjects to photograph!

Vivi:  Airplanes and everything related to aviation, sunsets, sunrises and urban landscapes during the golden hour. . .and, believe it or not Tosin, I love nude photography.

TIA:   Really?  I feel like most photographers would shy away from expressing interest in nude photography, so thank you for being candid and honest!  Could you please tell me more about your fascination in nude photography?

Vivi:  You are welcome, Tosin!  It’s a pity that some photographers shy away from it.  For me, nude photography  is art. I find photographing the human body from different angles and under different lighting very interesting, elegant, and classy. The final touch is to convert these images into black & white photography.

TIA:  This is very fascinating to me.  Could you please also tell me about the places you love to photograph the most?

Vivi: Vancouver, Los Angeles, and the cockpit of the planes that I’ve been in!

TIA:  Which regions of the world would you like to photograph in the future?

Vivi: Argentina, Australia, India, and Southern Europe during the golden hour.

TIA:  Please share how you first discovered your passion and love for photography!

Vivi:  I had been doing photography for a long time without realizing that I was passionate about it. I first discovered the passion for it in 2008 when I was watching the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier and noticed, for the first time, the golden hour, the silhouettes of people on the beach, the golden sand, and felt the need to snap that moment.

Please take a look at Vivi’s favorite photograph from her collection!

TIA:  Ooooh! I know how much you love airplanes.  Please tell me about this particular photograph!

Vivi: “Life is a journey not a destination.” I took that one at YVR (Vancouver International Airport) during a warm summer evening. I was surprised that it came out perfectly aligned and that it looked more like a black & white photograph considering that it was taken during summer.

TIA:  Could you talk about the parts of photography you find to be a challenge or frustrating?

Vivi: Night photography is the most frustrating aspect for me right now because, so far, I haven’t achieved a good night photograph. Editing is a challenge.  I don’t know much about it and there’s a lot to learn. Plus, it’s time consuming. I would rather do my best to take a good photo and spend the minimal time editing it.

TIA:  Photography tends to be a male-dominated field, but I know several women, like yourself, who carry the gear and equipment, enjoy the adventure of getting “the shot”, and take extraordinary photographs.  How do you feel about this, and have you ever felt intimidated by this situation?

Vivi: I noticed that and I feel okay about it.  Not sure why there are not many female photographers out there. I never felt intimidated about it at all, but it is interesting to see that most photographers are men.

TIA:  Is there any advice or guidance you would like to give to other women who wish to pursue photography?

Vivi:  Go for it if you really love it!  Be open-minded to positive and negative feedback because you can always learn from it and develop a unique style.

TIA:  What are the ingredients for a fantastic photograph, Vivi? 

Vivi:  Light is the main ingredient in photography.  If you learn how to use it to your advantage, you can make great photographs. . .and patience. . .a lot of it. . .and, of course, a pinch of passion!

TIA:   What motivates or inspires your photography? 

Vivi:  The biggest motivation comes from the feeling I get when I grab my camera to make a photograph and how I lose track of time while I’m shooting.  The unconditional support and feedback from my family and friends all over the world — those that I know personally and virtually. Also other photographers’ work, their point of view, what they find interesting, and how they see the world through a lens. It really motivates me to keep learning more about photography and keep shooting.

TIA:  Is there anything else you would like to mention that I haven’t asked?

Vivi:  The rules of photography. . .from time to time, just forget about them and experiment!  Be curious.  Discover.  Try new angles and points of view, and really enjoy it!  The results can be amazing!

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    1. I completely agree on both points. Some of the best photography is generated from throwing out the established rules of what makes a fantastic photo. The rules are good as guidelines, but when followed word for word each and every time, they can be suffocating and limiting to a photographer’s creativity. Sometimes, the situation and subject of the photo demand for the rules to be jettisoned.

  1. Great interview Tosin. I love the shot of the airplane. As a poet, I can say that the rules of photography can apply to poetry as well. I understand what she means about forgetting the rules from time to time, letting yourself go can sometimes allow you to discover something new. Great piece!

    1. Thanks for your perspective, Kirk. I think, in certain parts of life, there is an understanding that rules are good guidelines, but given the circumstances, it’s necessary — or beneficial — to stray from them or dismiss them,whether partially or altogether. I think this applies to any kind of creative work — photography writing, poetry, dance, painting, etc. Creative innovation can often be the product of breaking away from the monotony of the standard.

  2. hey Tosin, good interview and for sure Vivi has a great eye for beautiful images !!…maybe one day I may meet up with her, being that I am also from Vancouver…she has been a great supporter of my work on flickr…cheers

    1. Thank you very much, Pervez! Vivi’s images are very thought-provoking. She often has meaningful quotes to complement them. Paulo Coelho is the author of many of these quotes. Coelho is someone who always has something thoughtful to share, so Vivi’s photography with his quotes are always very profound to me. I hope you will be able to cross paths with Vivi. She’s a wonderful person in addition to being a fantastic photographer.

  3. I too love Vivi’s work, I’ve only recently found her (or did she find me, I’m not sure now, but either way, she’s a wonderfully talented individual… I hope that when she DOES come to Australia, Sydney, she stops for a coffee at work or down at SYD/YSSY for some spotting!



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