Quarantined City: Seattle Life Offset by the Coronavirus (Part III)

This is Part III of my photo essay that features different neighborhoods and landmarks of Seattle, notably areas that are typically very busy and filled with the hustle and bustle of people and vehicles before the populace was fully informed of the disease’s incredibly rapid and lethal contagiousness from person to person. If you’re a native of Seattle, you may readily recognize these areas and appreciate the impact that the citywide quarantine has made.

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During the first weekend of April (the 4th and 5th), I took a few hours to venture out into the city on my bicycle to explore the Emerald City and document my observations with my camera (an activity I engage in frequently). Additional images were captured during a drive through Downtown Seattle and Beacon Hill. Given the unprecedented situation that several cities and nations around the world are experiencing simultaneously, I felt it would be important to capture Seattle in its quarantined state.

TIA would like to thank all the doctors, physicians, nurses, caregivers, grocers, teachers, first responders, firefighters, police officers, emergency management employees, soldiers, veterans, and local government employees who provide all the critical services to keep the general populace healthy, safe, well, and functional. What would we do without all of you?

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    1. Thanks, Kirk. I imagine many cities are experiencing very much the same phenomenon. Left to my druthers, I would have loved to have traveled to different cities around the world this year to photograph their different neighborhoods under a state of quarantine. Fortunately, I can still photograph Seattle and document the event locally.

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