Ballard Locks Thoroughfare

May 8, 2021 / Enjoy a very entertaining timelapse video of the Chittenden Locks (whose local moniker is the Ballard Locks), which is the essential part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal serving thousands of vessels throughout the Seattle metropolitan area. Constructed between 1911 and 1917, the Ballard Locks’ principal function enables access for boats and ships to sail between Lake Washington, Lake Union, Union Bay, Salmon Bay, Shilshole Bay, the Puget Sound, and the Pacific Ocean. This timelapse features the locks in action as the water levels located on the east and west portals are nonequivalent. To get through, boats must be elevated or lowered within the confines of the locks.

This video, consisting of approximately 1,950 exposures, showcases two hours of activity presented in a period of 83 seconds.

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