The Night We Fell Under the Spell of the Moon

When I was a child and teenager, not only was I engrossed with political geography and world travel (which inevitably led to the birth of my photography business as an adult), but I was always very interested in or, rather, enchanted by astronomy.

I can’t recall how or when exactly the study of our solar system and the galaxy inevitably fell from my academic radar of interest (perhaps while mentally recalibrating after multiple reverberations of the cultural shock that came with living in America again after four years in Scandinavia), but I think some of my fascination lingers. I still find news and features about space exploration and the unlimited bounds of the cosmos very intriguing.

All aboard the “Extra Terrestrial Express”

Alas, the only remaining evidence of my oscillating interest in outer space intersecting with my photography is via imagery of the moon. In this blog entry, I share five images from my inventory that provided the motivation for this topic.

Super Worm Moon Rising | Seattle | March 2019 | Purchase

The story behind this photo of Toronto was the result of a series of mishaps concluding with a pilot who forgot I was even booked for an appointment!

Moon over Lake Ontario | Toronto | November 2017 | Purchase

Early Morning Moonset | Vancouver | June 2019 | Purchase

Crescent Moonlight @ Sunset | Olympia, Washington, USA | November 2019 | Purchase

Petronas Moon | Kuala Lumpur | December 2013 | Purchase

There are many more lunar vistas to enjoy on my official website, but these were the ones I felt like sharing here. I hope you liked them.

As a somewhat related aside, I will admit that I used to be a tremendous fan of Belinda Carlisle’s songs, especially when I was a teenager growing up in Norway during my high school years. She had a popular song called “La Luna”, the lyrics of which I have often quoted when sharing some noteworthy images of the moon on social media. (The title of this article is taken straight from the lyrics, too). The words I frequently share are from the chorus:

Ah la Luna, la Luna

The night that we fell under the spell of the moon
Ah la Luna, la Luna
The light that will bring me back to you
Ah la Luna, la Luna
The night that we fell under the spell of the moon

Ah la Luna, la Luna
The light that will bring me back to you
The light of la Luna

Here’s the official music video for Belinda Carlisle’s “La Luna”, in case you were interested.

Thanks for reading this article. If you enjoyed the photographs here, please visit my official website @ for an indelible, visual experience.

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  1. Kirk DeMatas says:

    Fabulous photos, Tosin! Happy to see my city featured! Kudos!

    1. Thank you again for all your positive energy and support, KD!

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