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New York was my home from 1998 to 2000. I used to commute to my job in Midtown via the World Trade Center everyday. The observation deck in the South Tower was my favorite spot in the city and I would take all my visitors there. I remember the queue for observation was never as notorious as the one at the Empire State Building.

Taking a Moment to Remember. . .
Aerial view of Ground Zero, Lower Manhattan

I enjoyed taking my friends who were native New Yorkers to the top of the WTC to witness a view that was so spectacular that you could gaze and gaze at it for hours. I also remember how grateful my friends were many years later, because they were able to see a vision that will never be seen in the same way again.

I think that is human nature though — residents of a city rarely visit their own landmarks and points of interests because they believe they’ll always be there.

Twelve years later, New York is now my sister’s home after successfully earning her degree in Finance from NYU.

View of Manhattan from WTC South Tower (February 1998)
View of Manhattan from WTC South Tower (February 1998)

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