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Hi everyone.  I am still learning the tricks and trades of WordPress.  So far, it has been a lot of fun. One of the best advantages of this blog is that I now have the capacity to be as creative as my imagination will take me, which is fantastic as my imagination often takes me on extended, fascinating journeys. However, I have come to realize that as a result of creating a new official photography website, I now must try my best to maintain and keep this blog up-to-date.  Social media demands a business to be omnipresent, but currently, TIA International Photography is a sole proprietorship, and any attempt to be ubiquitous is going to quickly eradicate my efforts to make this fun and engaging, not just for you, but for me as well.  That’s not going to happen.

TIA currently has this blog, the official website, a Facebook business page, a Twitter account, a Flickr account, a LinkedIn account, and has been told to consider joining 500px and Google+ (G+).  Personally, I do think that this borders on the excessive.  As I told one of my greatest friends, who lives in Toronto, and will be later interviewed for this blog, there should still be an element of fun and surprise when you, the web surfer, search for an item and fall upon a website with great resources and products that you had not anticipated when you started searching.  If my official website happens to fall into that category, I would not mind it at all.  Being ubiquitous, to some degree, creates an air of being commonplace, and lacking freshness.

TIA International Photography will never be commonplace or just around the corner simply for the sake of being so.   I believe I offer fine products and services, and typically, if something is of good quality, it’s worth the search.  If we can find each other online, without every mode of social media dictating that this must happen in order to be successful, then a goal has been accomplished.

I will leave you with an old commercial that was produced by a news company to attract, in earnest, local residents in Seattle to my former, official website.  Whether it did or did not remains an enigma to me. (I am leaning towards “did not”).  Now that I view it again, it somewhat reminds me of an infomercial one would see late at night after most of the world has fallen asleep.

You can be the judge.   Good night!

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