Feature Photographer Interview: Richard Heersmink

Richard Heersmink Greetings everyone! After a long hiatus, TIA International Photography is excited to recommence the Feature Photographer interview series with Richard Heersmink, a remarkable photographer currently based in my favorite city for photography -- Sydney, Australia! Before we get into the heart of interview, I always enjoy the opportunity to say a few words about the... Continue Reading →

Feature Photographer Interview: José Garrido

José Garrido Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!  It’s been nearly four months since the last Feature Photographer interview.  During this time, conflicting schedules, vacations, and pure modesty have often been the reasons TIA International Photography has encountered challenges behind recruiting new photographers for the feature interviews.  Many photographers who have shied away from the interview will... Continue Reading →

Feature Photographer Interview: Rebecca Ang

Rebecca Ang Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to introduce you to the next photographer of TIA’s Feature Photographer series!  She’s Rebecca Ang, an incredibly talented and artistic photographer based in Singapore.  I initially came to know Rebecca’s work on Flickr and was so extremely enamored with her mesmerizing cityscapes of Singapore.  She is one... Continue Reading →

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