TIAA #19: “People”

This is a tale about how TIA tripped into photographing people when the mission was to deliver cityscapes and urban landscapes exclusively.

Bans Off Our Bodies

View images from the Bans Off Our Bodies rally that was held in Seattle on May 14, 2022.

TIAA #12: “Superwoman”

This is a tale about the bewildering and inexcusable hatred against women, and black women, in particular.

TIAA #7: “My Dream of Diplomacy”

This is a tale about the path I might have taken if TIA International Photography never existed — the path I originally and aggressively pursued.

TIAA #6: “Get Here”

This is a tale about my worrisome penchant to worry about matters of which I have absolutely no control.

TIAA #5: “Acknowledge”

This is a tale about making a conscious effort to avoid stereotyping white people in the objective to eliminate systemic racism.

TIAA #2: “Wake Me Up”

This is a tale about the presentation of a dazzling image while being despondent and depressed in disguise.

Happy New Veer

2022 will be a year for TIA to change course, both personally and professionally.

“My Park Moment” Photo Exhibit

The “My Park Moment” photography contest turned out to be one of the most atypical and memorable competitions TIA has ever entered. Find out why!

A Pictorial Ode to those Glowing Sunset Embers of Late September

If you lived in Seattle on the evening of Friday, September 24, 2021, then you were probably a witness to one of the most mesmerizing sunsets we had this year. I wasn’t expecting it, so I was thoroughly caught off guard as I was cycling on Melbourne (that’s my bike’s name) north on Dexter Avenue…