5th Avenue & Lenora Street / Downtown Seattle / March 21, 2020. The cyclist riding along 5th Avenue actually blocks the sheer void of Lenora Street that stretches for several blocks away from the viewer’s line of sight. For context to this phenomenon, to the left, you can see part of Amazon’s Spheres and one of the towers of its massive world headquarters.


TIA International Photography is a licensed photography business based in Seattle, Washington, USA. TIA has been in business since December 2009, offering proficient photographic services alongside high-quality, atypical, indelible images to clients. TIA specializes in night-time and low-light photography with an emphasis on Cityscapes and Urban Landscapes. TIA also specializes in Aerial Photography and Event Photography. Tosin I. Arasi is a Professional Photographer and the Sole Proprietor of TIA.

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