Signage of the Times

"Black Lives Matter" signage is appearing all over the City of Seattle. Question: "Why is the movement suddenly resonating with everybody *this time*?"

Hooray for Hollywood?

As a professional photographer headquartered in Seattle, I always enjoy learning the locations from where new customers and potential clients contact TIA, and which images they are interested in licensing. For example, I am currently dealing with (or patiently waiting for, rather) an architecture firm in London for its final decision on which TIA aerial... Continue Reading →

“If You’re Good at Doing Something. . .”

"Riddle Me This. Riddle Me That. Which Photographer Gets Paid All That?" Recently, presented an intriguing blog topic entitled “Would You Work for Free?”  The subject has generated plenty of discussion among photographers who are approached to perform services or contribute their images for little to no compensation at all.  Responses included very reproachful... Continue Reading →

Codes, Creeds & Disrespectful Deeds

Is there such a thing as a photographer's code? One topic that has frequently been on my mind is the ethics code among photographers. Does a code actually exist, or is it a figment of a photographer’s imagination? Or perhaps, is it my imagination solely? As human beings, we each have our own codes and... Continue Reading →

Hope & Irresponsibility

Hope Street, Downtown Los Angeles I think it happened somewhere on Hope Street between  W. 2nd & W. 3rd Streets, possibly a little after 8pm. It was the fourth day of November in 2011, a Friday night. I was enjoying the urban grid of the streets of LA on what turned out to be a very clear night. ... Continue Reading →

In the Beginning. . .

Hi everyone.  I am still learning the tricks and trades of WordPress.  So far, it has been a lot of fun. One of the best advantages of this blog is that I now have the capacity to be as creative as my imagination will take me, which is fantastic as my imagination often takes me on extended, fascinating... Continue Reading →

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