“Capital” vs. “Capitol”: The Difference

On the sixth day of 2021, a previously inconceivable abomination occurred in Washington, D.C. A conspired insurrection and coordinated siege of the United States Capitol building by a right-wing mob … Read More

Satirical Tales of a Moody Photographer (S.T.O.M.P.): Chapter 1

“S.T.O.M.P.” is a new series for La Vue Atypique which essentially shares anecdotes from my career as a professional photographer. Aside from my family and a few close friends, questions … Read More

That Time When the U.S. Government (Almost) Stole My Photograph!

An anecdote about what happens when the entity who steals your intellectual property is the U.S. federal government.

The Night We Fell Under the Spell of the Moon

TIA’s enchanting images of the moon are the only remaining evidence of a once engrossed interest in outer space intersecting with professional photography.

TIA Enters 2020 with Two Photo Contest Victories

So far, 2020 has commenced on a very unexpected and positive note for TIA International Photography! It involves two first-time achievements in regards to photography competitions. Digital Photo Magazine (www.dpmag.com) … Read More

Keep a Keen Photographic Eye for Overcast & Stormy Skies

Why are people adverse to capturing images when the weather is not ideal or agreeable? This is the precise time to engage in photography!

My Escapade to San Francisco Almost Made Me Miss Janet (Much)

The months of September and October 2019 have been extremely hectic, but very productive.  This is why I have not been able to publish another blog entry until now.  I … Read More

The City that Rises in the Meadows of the Desert

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is probably one of the most fascinating, spectacular, hyper, and quizzical cities in the world. “Las Vegas” actually means “The Meadows” or “Fertile … Read More

The City of a Saint & Good Herbs

Today, you might be familiar with this city by a few of its popular nicknames, including: San Fran Frisco City by the Bay SF Fog City Of course, we all … Read More

Juneau, You Know?

According to my WordPress statistics, this will be my 50th article for this blog. To celebrate this achievement, I thought I would share some trivia about America’s 49th state, just … Read More

Our City of Shikaakwa Today

Established 184 years ago, the city named “Chicago” is derived from a French rendering of the Native American word shikaakwa, translated as “wild onion” or “wild garlic”, from the Miami-Illinois language. … Read More

Hooray for Hollywood?

As a professional photographer headquartered in Seattle, I always enjoy learning the locations from where new customers and potential clients contact TIA, and which images they are interested in licensing. … Read More

Can’t Get New York Out of My Head

Hi everyone!  Please enjoy my latest photo video showcase, featuring the mega-metropolis known as New York City.  This is my first full-length photo video since last year’s “Paris X.X.L.”!  In … Read More

High (Dynamic Range) on Houston

Enjoy a photo of Houston, captured on a taxi ride on an early August morning in 2010.  Since we were going at 75 miles an hour,  I had to set … Read More

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