Have You Ever *Heard* “Conversations with Skeletons”?

The original book cover to “Conversations with Skeletons” in 2012

On August 1st, Canadian author and poet Kirk DeMatas re-releases “Conversations with Skeletons” as an extended play (EP) album. Originally published as a written compilation of poems in 2012, “Conversations with Skeletons” was DeMatas’ sophomore collection of published poetry, preceded by “Wordspeak” in 2008.

In both instances, DeMatas recruited TIA International Photography to capture imagery that would appear in both collections. For “Conversations”, all the images featured were exclusively captured by TIA. As a result, the newly re-released EP today automatically revives the photographs that originally appeared in the 2012 publication.

The new EP of “Conversations” is essentially a companion to the original publication. With this new album release, you will be able to hear the author read his own poems accompanied by some profound melodies to fully engage the listener.

Below, please enjoy a short promotional clip featuring a sample of the images that were captured during the “Conversations with Skeletons” photo shoot in Toronto in the Summer of 2011.

Afterwards, you can purchase the audio compilation at a number of platforms via https://kirkdematas.hearnow.com

“Conversations with Skeletons” EP promo

(Incidentally, the author of “Conversations with Skeletons” also happens to be the best friend of the photographer for TIA International Photography).

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  1. Thank you, Tosin for this absolutely wonderful piece in commemoration of a project that allowed us to collaborate at length! I am touched and honoured at this feature. Thank you so much, big bro! Much love to you. 👽

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