Vancouver / Postmarked 11 Nov. 2012

11 November 2012

My dearest Sybithian:

I cannot believe fate has made it so that our paths fail to cross in Vancouver.  By far, this is probably my favorite city on the North American continent.  My conference just ended, and I’m sitting in a small café overlooking the waterfront by Lonsdale Quay, lamenting the fact that you will be here literally three days after I depart this afternoon. I know we will make up for this missed opportunity somehow.  We must. I deeply treasure our beautiful relationship and spending hours upon hours of being mushy and lovey-dovey with you.  Even so, acknowledging how much I’m madly in love with you, we both know that sensation we share is magnified whenever we travel together.  

There are so many places I would have loved to take you, my love.  Perhaps take a moment to imagine what I’m about to describe…

Lonsdale Quay itself has so many small shops that I know you would have enjoyed exploring, one of which offers such intricate indigenous artwork and decorative carvings.  The inquisitive, nerdy tourist in me would have longed to take you atop the Empire Landmark Hotel, an underrated gem that has a revolving restaurant in which we could have cuddled in a booth, slowly enjoying our savory breakfast while taking in the most wondrous views of the metropolis, charmingly situated between Burrard Inlet, False Creek, the Strait of Georgia, and the Coast Mountains.  You would have loved seeing all the boats and ships coming in and out of the harbor as well as the seaplanes taking off and landing on the water!  Far off to the southeast, we could have watched the sun rise over the Cascade Mountains (which are located in both the States and Canada, so we would have witnessed dawn occurring in two countries at once).  While walking along the romantically lit promenade at Granville Island, I’m so woefully despondent at the lost opportunity to lustfully whisper my innermost desires in your ear, taking some playful pleasure watching you blush at my breathy utterances.  I’m severely miffed that I was unable to hold you in my arms as we reclined underneath the woods of Queen Elizabeth Park, where many of the trees have left a smattering of colorful leaves all over the rolling knolls – the perfect place for me to steal some of your kisses while no one’s looking.  Of course, no trip to Vancouver would be complete without a tour of Stanley Park, from which we could have gazed at the skyline as featured on this postcard, and we could engage in those deep, meaningful conversations we typically get into when we travel together.

What a memorable time we would have had here in Vancouver, my darling Sybi. 

As I write this letter, my favorite song from Prince, “Arms of Orion”, just came on my iPod, a duet featuring some magnificent vocals from Sheena Easton. Coincidence? You know how I get when I listen to this song when I’m with you. Now I’m listening to it without you, and that’s not helping me get over my disappointment of missing you so much at this moment.  Nevertheless, I’ll make sure to mention all these spots, and several others when I call you tonight as you will likely be here when this card arrives in your mailbox.

Timing can be so odd, my love.  It’s making me think about our future a lot more.  Please take care, and I’ll see you very soon.

Yours forever,


Original Vancouver Photograph for licensing or printing

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