Can’t Get New York Out of My Head

Hi everyone!  Please enjoy my latest photo video showcase, featuring the mega-metropolis known as New York City.  This is my first full-length photo video since last year’s “Paris X.X.L.”!  In addition to my passion for night-time photography and aerial photography, I often like to compile the hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs from one location and create a short video.  What you’re viewing here, in many parts of the video, are four separate photos (or frames) per second.  When viewed continuously, the video appears to have a choppy motion quality that’s entertaining to view.

These videos take several hours — sometimes a few days — to create and produce, which is why I have only made a few in the last three years:  “Rhythm of Seattle” (2009), “Sin & The City:  Las Vegas” (2009), and “San Francisco Bay Aerials” (2010).  Photo videos that are in the works, but have been postponed quite often include Buenos Aires, Hong Kong (gotta do one for HK right?), Vancouver, and Los Angeles.  With all the photos I have executed in the last three years, and the new techniques I’ve learned and applied since, it’s become essential that I create updated photo videos specifically for Seattle and San Francisco.  However, the photo videos are worth the wait.   Like my long exposure photography and aerials, I do not like to rush in capturing images, nor do I like to rush in their processing.  That’s part of the reason why my latest images of New York City have only been posted to my professional website recently, even though they were originally taken two months ago.

Fortunately, I am still in a position where I do not need to rush, but once I engage in photography full-time, 24/7, as my only source of income, I know there will be times when hectic, frantic, needed-this-seven-minutes-ago projects will arise, and I look forward to each one of them.  I love being busy with photography.  Having endless projects, and recurring projects, are part of the fun and passion.  It never, ever gets old or bothersome.  I love being inundated with photography projects.  It has made my life completely worthwhile and enjoyable.  I hope you like the photo video.

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